A computer in the palm of our hands has made our daily lives a lot easier, and businesses are starting to take advantage of that with innovative apps. Stores are offering one-click purchases, banks are allowing quick deposits, and insurance companies are implementing instant photo claims. Most of those features focus on streamlining the customers’ journey, which is especially popular when dealing with insurance claims. The effectiveness depends on the insurance company, but in some cases using the app for instant claims can cut days from the overall claims process. Some insurers have gotten estimates back to customers in mere hours.

While it cuts time from the insurance process, it can create long-term issues. Pictures may not tell the whole story especially if the photo is grainy or from a bad angle. Truthfully, it should only be used for small damages like a door ding. If you’re in a crash, more damage could be hidden under the hood or on the vehicle’s underside.

To ensure your car is properly repaired at the right price, it needs to see a repair shop specialist. Most body repair shops will arrange a tow and rental car to make it easier on the customer. At Crossroads Collision, we even provide free loaner cars while your vehicle is being assessed and repaired. Another piece the instant insurance estimate doesn’t cover: negotiation. Our specialists will negotiate on your behalf while taking care of the insurance claim, so you get the complete fix your car needs.

Don’t count on unreliable photos when you get into a car accident. We offer free estimates. Stop by today. We talk walk-ins for estimates or give us a call to schedule a time!