Winter drives can be a little less stressful when you know you’ve done your best to prepare for the season. Accidents will always happen without warning, especially when bad weather is involved, but sometimes they’re preventable if you have a well-maintained car. Here’s a couple ways to check if your vehicle is prepared for winter:

  • Test the tread on your tires. A “bald” tire will have no traction when you’re driving over snow or ice, which causes a lot of winter accidents. Use the penny method to see if your tires need to be replaced. Stick the penny, head down, into the tread. If you can see all of his head, then it’s time for a new tire.
  • Get your brakes checked out. A lot of auto centers offer winter check-up services, and brakes are often on that checklist.
  • Regularly check your tire pressure. The fluctuating temps will mess with the pressure of your tires. If you choose not to maintain the ideal pressure, your tires will most likely wear unevenly and you’ll get worse gas mileage.
  • Make sure you have enough windshield washer fluid and working wipers. If it starts snowing or raining, you need effective windshield wipers to make sure your visibility doesn’t suffer. In case of freezing rain or frost, washer fluid can be used to clear the window thanks to its antifreeze properties.
  • Always have an ice scraper and shovel in your car. In a Minnesota winter, you definitely want these. The ice scraper seems self-explanatory, but the shovel is a necessity when the big snowstorms start to hit.

If you do get into an accident due to those slippery roads, we can handle your vehicle’s collision repair services at our Lake Elmo location.