If you’ve been in an accident, even a minor fender bender, it’s worth your time and effort to have the damage assessed by a professional. As a collision center that’s been open for 37 years, we’ve seen drivers convince themselves that their vehicle issues after a minor collision or damage don’t need to be fixed. However, they may not realize how unsafe their vehicle then becomes when driving. Some common issues we see go unfixed include:

  • Damaged bumpers. Whether it’s from hitting an animal, pole, or other obstacle, damage to your bumper means less protection in your next collision. Bumpers are designed to absorb impact and lessen the damages during a crash, but if your bumper is compromised then it could put you at risk.
  • Undercarriage damage. Driving over a pothole or hitting a curb can be enough to cause problems. Even if you think you got away okay, that kind of hit could affect your suspension and alignment. If your ride has suddenly become bumpy and/or your steering wheel keeps drifting to one side, you should get it checked out.
  • Grinding or squeaking noises. Those unnatural noises often indicate some kind of damage that will only get worse from wear and tear. It’s hard to tell just from sounds if it’s a key part of the vehicle. It could be something related to the crash that is now causing your vehicle to make noise.
  • Fluid leaks. If you notice more fluid where you park your car, you should get it checked out. Even a minor collision can rupture a fluid line and cause issues for important parts of your car like the brakes.
  • Stiff transmission. Struggling to move to a new gear isn’t a normal issue for vehicles.

Overall, even if you are in a small collision, you should have your car checked out by professionals. Your vehicle’s frame may look fine on the outside, but underneath there could be damages that will cause huge issues in the future. Look out for some of these signs when driving and come in for a routine maintenance at our Lake Elmo location so our technicians can ensure your car is safe to drive.