As the fall colors settle into the beautiful landscape, many drivers are taking this opportunity to go on a scenic road trip. No matter which direction you drive, there’s a beautiful route that will show you the breathtaking views of Minnesota. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular and beautiful ones that Minnesota has to offer. While the roads should still be pretty clear in the fall, be cautious if it starts to rain or sleet and follow the other cars at a safe distance.

While the scenery may be beautiful, this time of the year also coincides with one of the most dangerous for deer collisions. Starting around late October to December, the whitetail deer, the most common one in North America, start breeding during what’s known as the “rut.” During this time, the deer are active and erratic, so they roam less cautiously and will carelessly run onto roads.

Similarly, hunting season will be starting up soon as well. If deer are spooked by hunters, they could accidentally flee in the direction of a road. If they run far enough, they could also end up in more populated areas, so you should be cautious at all times. Especially if you know you’re driving by hunting grounds.   

Another tip: If you were hoping to take an early morning or dusk drive, be aware that those are the most active times for deer as they search for food. They will also travel in herds, so expect more if you see only one deer crossing ahead of you. Also, be vigilant for any deer crossing signs. 

There are many reasons to be out exploring Minnesota this season, but drivers should always be careful of the other natural events happening. If you are in an unfortunate collision, with either a car or deer, we can get you back on the road quickly and efficiently. Give Crossroads Collision a call at our Lake Elmo location for expert body repair and help with arranging towing, finding a loaner, and handling your insurance claim.