As we head into one of the busiest times of the year, drivers should be prepared to deal with an increase in traffic, bad weather, and police presence. While the Twin Cities already have a lot of congestion in the metro, that becomes even worse during Thanksgiving and Christmas time. Those are also some of the most accident-prone times of the year due to the potential for slippery roads, unsafe drivers, and out-of-state visitors who are not used to driving in wintery conditions.

So how can you stay safe this holiday season?

Try to always check the weather beforehand, expect delays, and do not get aggressive towards other drivers. You should also practice safe driving methods:

  • Keep at least 2 seconds in between you and the driver in front of you (increase that to 4-5 if roads are icy).
  • Turn your lights on at dusk and night.
  • Do not accelerate or deaccelerate suddenly.
  • Prepare a winter kit in the trunk for emergencies.

Drivers should also be aware of the speed limit and follow it for your own safety—let other cars pass you if they choose to drive faster.

Along with more traffic, the holidays are often a time of increased police presence on the roads, which mostly has to do with the drinking that often follows the holidays. In Minnesota, law enforcement typically begins their DWI enforcement campaign from the week of Thanksgiving to New Year’s. During last year’s campaign, they made around 2,757 arrests for drunk driving. With the Hands-Free Law in effect as well, there are many ways that distracted or impaired driving can cause an arrest/fine or an accident. Be alert on the roads and watch out for any swerving cars that you need to avoid or let pass.

Whether you’re staying home for the holidays or visiting family in the Twin Cities, we can help out in the event of a car collision with expert repair services and figuring out insurance. Crossroads Collision is located in Lake Elmo and serves the Eastern Twin Cities metro with all of their auto body needs.