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The roads will be busy this month as students and families travel for spring break, which often results in a spike in car accidents. While the common procedure to follow after a car accident does not differ too much by state, there are specific laws/regulations that change depending on the state you’re in. For example, states will either have an at-fault vs. no-fault insurance law, which changes how insurance covers injuries.

If you get into a collision in Minnesota and you are not a resident:

  • Keep in mind that Minnesota is a no-fault state, and your insurance agent should explain how that might affect what your policy covers.
  • If there’s a need to take the other driver to court, you will need to hire legal representation that is certified to practice in Minnesota. In other words, if you have a preferred lawyer, they might not be the best choice if they are not certified to practice in Minnesota.

If you are a Minnesotan who gets into an accident in another state, remember to always acquire the basics:

  • Collect the full name, contact info, insurer, and policy number of the other involved party.
  • Call 911 so you can have the necessary police report for your insurance claim and for anyone who may have been injured in the collision.
  • Take some photos of the accident for your own reference. Write down any important information like the location of the accident, the road conditions, and any witnesses willing to give their contact info.

From there, it’s important to ask your insurance if there’s any other laws you should be aware of for the state the car accident took place.

When trying to find an auto body shop, you can ask your insurance company for their preferred shops. You are not required to choose one of those options, but sometimes it’s the best decision for drivers who are overwhelmed by the situation. If you do choose to take more time to research an auto body shop, these are some quick steps to follow:

  • Google nearby collision centers and browse their reviews on Google or Facebook.
  • Call your choice and ask them if they have a warranty on their work, if their technicians have been certified, if they have towing services, and their policy on loaner cars.
  • You also have a right to compare estimates between auto body shops if you want to call multiple places.

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