Arguably one of the most popular holidays in the US, the Fourth of July holiday is also one of the worst days for motorist accidents. Many people will most likely take a long weekend to celebrate and some traveling might be involved—especially with it being on a Saturday this year. Because of that, traffic will naturally increase and so will the law enforcement presence due to drunk driving. Keep yourself and your passengers safe with these key driving tips.

Keep your distance.

Having the time to react is one of the best ways to protect yourself when driving. Cars who drive bumper to bumper will not have as much reaction time, and it’s also considered an aggressive driving tactic. Try to maintain the 3-second rule between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

Avoid distractions.

Distracted driving causes thousands of accidents each year, which is why many states have their own laws penalizing distractions like phones. In Minnesota, for example, drivers are not allowed to hold their phones while driving. Only one-touch activation and voice commands are allowed if they need to set a destination on GPS or make a call.

Do not drink and drive.

Even if you’ve only had one drink, your ability to drive can be negatively affected. Always plan ahead with a designated driver or a rideshare. Driving while intoxicated can put you and everyone on the road at risk. Plus, you can get charged with a DUI, which will go on your permanent record.

Watch for motorcyclists/bicyclists.

Summer means an increase in motorcycle and bikes on the road. For bicyclists especially, remember to check before you turn right or left at an intersection in case someone is trying to cross the intersection. Give motorcyclists room on the road, and always check your blind spots before switching lanes.

Keep your windows clear.

Bugs, dirt, and more will cover your windshields and make it harder to properly see the road. Keep your windshield washer fluid full and clean off your windows whenever you stop for gas. Additionally, if you get a chip in your windshield, have the glass either repaired or replaced. Even a small crack can get bigger over time and obstruct your view.

We hope everyone stays safe during the holiday, especially if they are planning a trip. If you are in a collision in the Twin Cities, Crossroads Collision is located in Lake Elmo, and we are experts in auto body repair.