It’s November and that means deer hunting season is here in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Any longtime resident of these states has no doubt had a close encounter with a deer and their vehicle.

Deer are most active during their feeding times in the early morning and at dusk. However, as hunters are in the woods driving deer, it’s not uncommon to have a deer scoot across the road unexpectedly midday during hunting season.

As with any collision, it’s best to avoid it whenever possible. Some tips to keep in mind as you traverse the countryside in next few weeks include:

  1. Stay aware of the ditches at all times of the day, but especially at dusk and dawn.
  2. Remember, if there is one deer, there are probably more. Avoid speeding up again immediately if you successfully see and avoid one deer.
  3. Be aware of road conditions and avoid hitting the brakes if the roadway is icy.
  4. Take note, the most serious deer related accidents occur when you leave your lane. Sometimes it is better to hit the deer vs risking swerving and hitting another car or the ditch.
  5. Instead of braking, it may be better to just let off the gas so you slow down before your hit the deer.

If you hit the deer, pull over to the side of the road and turn on your hazard lights. Contact the police and report injuries or damage. Leave the deer alone. As terrible as it may sound, do not touch, or go near the animal. A scared and injured deer may kick you as it’s trying to get away. Don’t put yourself at further risk of injury.

Always remember Crossroads Collision is here to help. If you hit a deer, bring it here!