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The snow and ice that accompanies winter driving can increase the risk of an auto accident. In the unfortunate circumstance that an accident occurs, there can be a lot of confusion regarding what to do, who to call, and where to go. Here are 5 common myths about collision repair:

Myth #1: You must choose the repair shop that your insurance company recommends.

Insurance companies are required to work with the shop of your choice. Don’t be frustrated if your insurance company provides you with a list of suggested or recommended collision repair shops—you are free to choose a shop that you trust.

Myth #2: You must get multiple repair estimates to utilize your insurance coverage.

An insurance company might recommend researching and obtaining multiple repair estimates from various shops, but you are not required to do so by law. Researching online and getting recommendations from family and friends can save you time and energy after an accident.

Myth #3: Only the dealership can repair certain parts of your car.

Non-dealership body shops can order the same parts as the dealer and complete the repairs without a problem. Collision repair shops often have the equivalent or better training, equipment, and experience necessary to fix your vehicle.

Myth #4: The insurance company covers all damages.

This depends upon your insurance policy and the scope of the accident. There are a variety of differing policies out there, so it’s always smart to communicate with your insurance company before agreeing to any repairs.

Myth #5: Finding a reliable collision repair shop is difficult.

It isn’t hard to find a good auto body shop that will provide you with professional and expert care. Look no further than Crossroads Collision. From big crashes to small scratches, we are here to help!