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As drivers, we have the responsibility to not only to share the road, but to also take intentional steps to increase the safety of motorcycle riders who we encounter on our way. In recognition of May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, here are a few safety tips to properly share the road:

Check your blind spots

Motorcycles can be difficult to spot when changing lanes or merging onto the highway. Be sure to check your mirrors and blind spots before making any maneuvers.

Additional caution in inclement weather

Windy or rainy conditions can be extremely dangerous for motorcyclists. In the event of low visibility, be sure to allow extra distance and drive carefully.

Night driving

After dark, you can help motorcyclists stay safe by allowing extra distance, turning off your brights, and refraining from passing.

Utilize your turn signal

If you notice a motorcyclist driving near you, make sure to initiate your turn signal sooner than you normally would. This helps all drivers maintain a safe distance and avoid accidents.

Keep a safe distance

At the end of the day, the best tip for sharing the road with motorcyclists is to provide extra distance, which allows for increased reaction time and space to maneuver.

Because motorcyclists are fully exposed, it is critical to take extra cautions when driving. Join us in helping to keep everyone safe on the road. Crossroads Collision—locally owned for over 39 years.