The sun shining on your skin, your hair whipping in the wind, and the feeling of endless adventures and possibilities. Summertime is a favorite for Minnesotans, finally swapping snow boots for sandals. But, did you know it’s the most dangerous season on the road? While winter comes with icy dangers, summer is the season of inattentive drivers.

With no snow or ice to be looking out for, drivers tend to let their guard down in the summer. Summer driving can feel relaxing and therapeutic, but it isn’t the time to be completely carefree.

What Makes it so Dangerous?

More People on the Road

Unlike Winter, Summer brings more people to the roads. Warm weather is time for families on road trips, bicyclists, and pedestrians. It’s important to keep a safe distance from other cars, but also to be looking for bikers and walkers on crosswalks.


When the weather is perfect for driving, people tend to take more risks. Drivers are more inclined to answer a phone call or check a text message when it’s sunny, but they wouldn’t do the same thing in the pouring rain. These actions still take your eyes off the road and can end in collisions, regardless of the weather.


When the weather warms up, the orange cones come out. While driving through construction, be extra cautious of your surroundings. Especially if workers are out on the road, your focus needs to be on the road and the cars around you.

Holidays & Events

July 4th is historically the most dangerous day of summer for driving. Mass amounts of people have gathered at fireworks shows; many of those people have had a few drinks.

Summer is also time for bonfires, concerts, and parties, which can result in drunk drivers and collisions. Drive with extra care and have a designated driver if you’ll be drinking.

Even with precautions, accidents happen. Crossroads Collision offers free estimates and assistance in handling your claim.