Nowadays, with a tiny computer always in hand, many businesses have created innovative apps to make life easier. One of these “easier” processes is instant photo insurance claims. These quick systems advertise that you can receive a repair estimate and your claim payment within 24 hours. This might sound convenient and efficient, but it could actually cause problems later on.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take pictures at all—it just means that photos can’t tell the full story. It may be too dark outside to get a good picture, or the photo may be taken from a bad angle. Maybe you just didn’t take enough pictures or didn’t get the big picture. Photos should still be taken for documentation, but don’t depend on them to get your claim payment.  If you’ve gotten in a major crash, there could be damage under your hood or vehicle that would be missed.

Even in a smaller accident, for example, drivers will often focus on the obvious dings and dents, but there could be damages to the tires that they don’t notice. Often times, once a vehicle has been brought into the shop, damages that were unaccounted for in an instant photo claim can cost hundreds more than the initial estimate.

So, what should you do? Leave it to the professionals. Bring your vehicle to or have it towed to an auto repair shop that can properly assess the damage. Crossroads Collision’s experts will guide you through the repair process and help you negotiate with your insurance company to ensure that you get the claim payment you need.

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