No matter if you were in a minor accident or if you backed into a mailbox, bumper damage happens easily. Even if the dent doesn’t seem like such a big deal, it can cause problems in the future. 

Safety Issues 

First and foremost, not getting bumper damage fixed compromises the safety of you and your passengers. Bumpers are made to absorb force from an impact, and when they’re damaged, the structural integrity is weakened. So in the case of another collision, the bumper won’t be able to absorb the force, causing more car damage and putting you and your passengers at risk of injury. 

Hidden Damage 

A dent is obvious damage, but did you know there is likely damage underneath? By replacing the bumper, the mechanic will be able to inspect the area behind the dent and replace or repair that damage as well.  

Resale Value 

If you try to sell your car after a collision and haven’t gotten the bumper replaced, various issues arise. The potential buyer will have questions like, does this affect the safety of the vehicle? Are there other damages you’re not aware of or are trying to hide? Even just getting the bumper repaired can cause the same issues if there is missing paint or rust.  

Insurance Claim Issues 

If you don’t get the bumper replaced or properly repaired, that could lead to problems with a future insurance claim. If the vehicle already had damage before a second collision, the insurance adjuster may say that some of this new damage was caused by a weakened bumper, and if the bumper had been structurally intact, these other damages may not have happened and could be deemed unnecessary.   

Replacing the bumper is the best option when the damages are large and deep—if the bumper has scratches or surface damage, it can likely be repaired instead. Auto body experts will know what is best for your vehicle! 

Crossroads Collision is dedicated to repairing damages from big crashes to small scratches. If you have bumper damage, or any other type of damage, bring your vehicle in to get looked at. We’ll give you an estimate, assist with the insurance claim, and provide peace-of-mind service.