It’s time for spring cleaning! As you’re deep cleaning your home this spring, don’t forget about your car. If you’ve been putting off getting scratches and dents repaired, now is a great time to bring your car in and check off another item on your to-do list. Many drivers put off repairing these small damages because they don’t seem all that necessary to fix, but in reality, these minor issues can actually turn into major problems.

Rust formation

Scratches on your car, no matter the size, allow rust to form if not repaired soon enough. When your car gets scratched, the protective layer on the paint gets damaged, and the paint can get scratched off as well. When it rains, that water will seep through these open areas and come in contact with the frame of the car, which starts eating away at the metal.

Lowering your car’s value

If you’re planning on selling your car at some point, you’ll need to get scratches and dents fixed in order to get the highest amount of money. When potential buyers see these minor damages, they often wonder if there are other unseen damages. Dents and rust weaken the structure of the car’s exterior, which isn’t something that a buyer wants to deal with.

Dents cause safety issues

After a minor collision, the damage may appear minimal on the outside, but there could be underlying damage to the structure of the vehicle. If your car has a dent on the front or rear bumper, it won’t be able to absorb the impact of a future collision as well, putting you and passengers at risk of injury.

Paint wrinkling

If you don’t repair a scratch that has caused paint to peel and rust to form, the paint around that area can start to wrinkle when exposed to the sun. This is why spring is a good time to fix these problems, as your car will see a lot more of the sun in the summer. The sun can cause paint to wrinkle quicker, leading to more rust as well.

Many people also care about their car’s appearance, which is absolutely a valid reason to want scratches and dents fixed! You can make your car look nice and also prevent future damages by getting those minor issues repaired.

Crossroads Collision offers paintless dent removal for those minor dings and will get those scratches fixed up in no time. When you’re ready to check your car’s spring cleaning off your list, give us a call!