Driving in the rain is something we do all the time, especially during the rainy spring season, but it can be dangerous. When the roads are wet, it can be hard to keep control of your car, and if you’re driving in heavy rain, it can be difficult to see the road. Here are some tips to drive safely in the rain:

Slow down.

Driving too fast in the rain is a recipe for disaster. Besides the risk of hydroplaning, driving fast means you won’t have much time to hit the brakes if the car in front of you stops. If you slam on the brakes, you could skid and rear-end the vehicle.

Don’t use cruise control.

Cruise control should never be used when it’s raining. Because you shouldn’t hit the brakes when you start to skid or hydroplane, it will take many drivers a few seconds to turn off their cruise control manually. It’s important to have full control over the vehicle and its acceleration in order to correct a skid, and those few seconds of not having control could cause a collision.

Give extra room.

You never know if the car in front of you is going to hit their brakes, and because of the wet and slippery roads, you could rear-end them if you’re following too closely. You also don’t want to slam on your brakes, as this causes skidding and loss of control.

Turn lights on.

Whenever it’s raining, you need to have your vehicle’s lights on so that other drivers can see you. This is especially important in heavy rain, and during bad rainstorms, it’s good to put your hazards on to make you more visible. Your headlights will also increase your own visibility in the rain, reducing the chance of a collision.

Avoid large trucks.

The spray created by the tires of semi-trucks or large buses will make it harder to see, so try to avoid these vehicles.

Stay calm when hydroplaning or skidding.

Driving in the rain can be scary and stressful, especially when you lose control of the vehicle. Stay calm and don’t slam on the brakes. If you’re skidding, steer in the direction you want to go and wait until your tires regain contact with the road. If you’re hydroplaning, take your foot off the gas and gently turn the steering wheel in the direction your car is sliding. Then, wait until you feel the tires reconnect with the road to put your foot back on the gas.

Drive safe this rainy season, and if you do get in an accident, the pros at Crossroads Collision will work with your insurance and expertly repair your vehicle.